Writing Games

Writing Games for Kids

The kids love when we play games like this (link above) because they always come out with the weirdest sentences and stories. And I love it because I am sneakily helping them practice their writing skills and they have no idea! I also like the concept of the notes but we implement this game in a little different way. A lot of the kids do not like to confront each other or they do so in an overly aggressive way. Therefore, I like to have them write down what they are upset about and try to explain themselves in words. This does a number of positive things: allows the child time to calm down, encourages their use of language to explain themselves, and allows the other child to understand what they did that was upsetting. If the other kid feels so inclined, then they can write back an apology letter. I’d never thought of doing this with positive things, that they like about each other, as well though and I think it is very interesting. I’m not sure that any of the kids in my group would actually partake in this but I guess you never know. Kids are often very surprising!


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